Art on Tuesday: Drum Bridge

This beautiful artwork by Yoshida Hiroshi 吉田 博 (1876-1950) is called Drum bridge at the Kameido shrine in Tôkyô and was painted in 1927. This bridge and the garden of the Kameido shrine 亀戸天神社 are very popular in Japan and were painted by many artists throughout history.


Art on Tuesday: Iris Garden


Iris Garden in Horikiri from the series Twelve Scenes of Tokyo 東京拾二題 堀切の志ようぶ by Yoshida Hiroshi 吉田 博 (1876-1950), painted in 1928. The Iris is a summer flower, in bloom from May to July and can be found all over Japan. As a symbol the Iris stands for purification of evil and self-protection. The flower is very popular in Japan, often seen as textile pattern and various artistic forms.