Art on Tuesday: Early Summer

Uemura Shôen (上村松園) painted this young lady. It is an early summer scene. She is holding a round fan, observing and maybe trying to catch a firefly. The title of this picture is “An evening in early summer” (初夏の夕). She wears a light green kimono with a blue obi, look at the emblem-like cranes. The crane 鶴 (tsuru) is a symbol for longevity and good luck.


Art on Tuesday: Cherry Blossom Dance

This charming picture was painted by the female Japanese artist Uemura Shôen 上村 松園 (1875 – 1949) with watercolor on silk in 1914/15.  Two girls are dancing. They are both wearing a kimono in spring colors, light green and yellow, and an elegant hairstyle. The sleeves of the front girl are showing cherry blossoms. She wears traditional white tabi socks and lacquer wooden shoes.  She is holding a golden fan in her hand. This is a joyful scene of the upcoming spring. Hopefully soon.

Art on Tuesday: Reading


Here is another excellent ukiyo-e of Uemura Shôen. A woman is looking at an illustration in a book, probably a ship. She is enjoying the drawings and maybe she is dreaming of traveling. She is relaxed lying on the floor, covered by her loosened kimono, absorbed in her thoughts.

Art on Tuesday: Bijin-ga



This ukiyo-e was painted by the female artist Uemura Shôen 上村松園 in her typical style of painting mainly beautiful women (bijin-ga). It is very balanced. The woman wears a splendid headgear with an elegant kimono, richly decorated with flowers. In the background are branches with maple leaves. I am not sure about the title: in Japanese it is 清韻, which sounds like a name. Does anyone know it?

Art on Tuesday: Waiting


This ukiyo-e by Komura Settai 小村雪岱 (1887 – 1940) painted in 1935 is very similar to the picture of Uemura Shôen上村 松園 (1875-1949) with the title  Waiting for the Moon to Rise. Both painter have chosen  a similar perspective.  A mild summer night.

Art on Tuesday: Two Women


This picture was made by the female painter Uemura Shôen 上村 松園 (1875-1949).
I adore her use of pastel colors and the soft transitions on the woman’s kimono on the left side. I very much like the transparent headgear of the right woman. Both women are very gentle and elegant. On the ground you see momiji – maple leafs. This picture was also made into a Japanese stamp picture  on the occasion of the Japan-Austria year in 2009.

Art on Tuesday: Flower


This picture by the female artist Uemura Shôen 上村松園 is called 花 (hana), which means flower. It was painted in 1910. The flower motif can be seen as fallen flower petals flying in the air and fallen petals on the ground.

Art on Tuesday: Waiting for the Moon


Waiting for the Moon to Rise in 1944 is a painting by the female Japanese artist Uemura Shôen 上村 松園 (1875-1949). So beautiful it needs no further description. 

Art on Tuesday: Wind


A picture made by Uemura Shôen 上村松園 (1875 – 1949), a female artist who painted mainly beautiful women, the so-called bijin-ga are her specialty.

This beauty is hurrying somewhere from or to a festivity with here amazing blue dress. Shimmering semi-transparent silk I guess, with a light green obi decorated with dandelion flakes, contrasted by the red of her underwear and her slippers. Her head-gear looks elegant and elaborate.

Art on Tuesday: Female Dancer


This picture was painted by the female Japanese artist Uemura Shôen 上村 松園 (1875-1949). She was very famous for her bijin-ga, pictures of beautiful women. The ukiyo-e shows a female dancer in a light summer kimono with large cherry blossoms in green and white. She wears an obi in contrasting deep blue with a leave pattern and a very interesting hat, which shows her elaborate hairstyle from the back. She is swinging in her dancing movements. She is in a very good mood!