Art on Tuesday: Misty Spring

Torii Kotondo 鳥居言人 (1900-1976) painted this Japanese woman in a typical way of the so-called 美人画 bijin-ga (picture of beautiful woman) in 1933. The young lady wears a purple kimono with simple outlines of flowers and diverse flower patterns on the obi. Contrast colors are to be seen on the inside of her dress and her headdress.  Cherry blossom leaves shaped as little hearts are falling like snow. You see her from the right side. She is looking at something or someone outside of the picture frame. Maybe she is dreaming of love.

This ukiyo-e reminds me of the Maiko in Spring by Kitano Tsunetomi 北野 恒富 (1880-1947) painted in 1931 presented in an older post as

Art on Tuesday: Morning Hair


This beautiful picture was painted by Torii Kotondo (1900-1976) in 1932. He was very famous for his many bijin-ga . The title of this ukiyo e is Morning Hair asa negami (朝寝髪). It’s number of prints was limited to approximately 30 copies. One cannot believe, that this ukiyo e was banned in the 1930’s. The comb in the right corner of the painting was understood as salacious by the authorities, so that Torii Kotondo had to destroy the original woodblock,  and most of the copies were confiscated by the police.