Art on Tuesday: Shin-Ohashi Bridge at Atake

Utagawa Hiroshige 歌川 広重 (1797-1858) painted a Sudden Shower over the Shin-Ohashi Bridge at Atake which is an interesting woodblock print. It is part of his series One Hundred Famous Views of Edo made in 1857.

There is not much happening, but everyone surely knows how a sudden rain shower in summer feels like. See the pitch dark cloud at the sky. The people on the bridge are hiding from the rain under their umbrellas and trying to get as quickly as possible over the bridge. In the background you see a man on a raft-like boat.

The same bridge was also portrayed by Koho Shoda (1871-1946) as a night scene. A totally different atmosphere. See it also in the post of Japan Kaleidoskop of June 2015.


Art on Tuesday: Ueno Park


This month I am very fond of the ukiyo- e night scenes. Here is another picture of Koho Shoda (1871-1946). It’s title is Ueno Park, which is in Tôkyô. I like it very much, because it reminds me of summer time in Japan.

Art on Tuesday: Night Scenes. Ohashi Brigde


This scene was painted by the Japanese artist Koho Shoda (1871-1946). He is known for his works of the so-called shin-hanga movement, which means new prints. The Ohashi Bridge at Atako is one picture of the series Night Scenes, created by various Japanese artists around 1900.