Art on Tuesday: Evening Snow


Evening Snow at the Edogawa is the title of this ukiyo-e by Kawase Hasui (1882-1957) of 1932. It gives an impression of the early winter as you see the river is not frozen. The two women are wearing thick colorful  kimonos and shawls in blue and orange. I like the umbrellas with snow on their top, but you can see the red and blue inside. It is a peaceful scene,

Art on Tuesday: Rainy Season


From the beginning of June to the middle of July it is rainy season  in Japan, it is called tsuyu 梅雨, literally meaning plum rain. Although it is not always comfortable to be outside, there are some nice paintings showing the rain from an artist’s perspective. Enjoy the rain!

From left to right:

Torii Kotondo 鳥居言人 (1900-1976): Rain, 1929.

Kawase Hasui 川瀬 巴水 (1883-1957): Rain in a Town, 1930.

Ohara Koson 小原 古邨 (1877-1945): Two Girls with Umbrella Caught in a Sudden Shower, 1930.