Art on Tuesday: Maple Tree


This picture of a maple tree with little birds 紅葉小禽図  was painted by Itō Jakuchū 伊藤 若冲 (1716-1800). It is a beautiful scene of a Japanese garden in autumn showing the typical orange-red colors of the maple leaves. Itô Jakuchû was a very talented painter. Being active as an artist in the Edo period, he was well-known and respected for his paintings during his lifetime mostly active in Kyôto.


Art on Tuesday: Cranes and Plum Blossoms


Itô Jakuchû 伊藤 若冲 (1716-1800) painted these beautiful three cranes and plum blossoms as a hanging scroll. He is a specialist for mainly pictures of nature, often birds like chickens or roosters. Jakuchû is famous for his bird and flower paintings 動植彩絵 (dōshoku saie) owned by the imperial family. His works are mostly hanging scrolls or screens, but he also made woodblock prints. This picture was presented as part of an exhibition of the National Gallery of Art in Washington in 2012. Look here for more pictures and information.