Art on Tuesday: Falling Blossoms


Hirezaki Eihô  鰭崎英朋 (1881-1968)  painted this woodblock print of a Japanese woman. A modern looking kimono with abstract emblems combined with motifs from nature.  It shows a tree, whereas the falling blossoms are real, which goes together beautifully. The colors are light and the contrast of the green and red is charming.

Art on Tuesday: Changing Years


This picture was painted by Hirezaki Eihô 鰭崎英朋 (1881-1968) and is titled Changing Years. Although this scene is slightly melancholic it is very beautiful and charming. The woman’s dressing and hair is skillfully painted. The contrasting white flowers in the background add style and elegance.  Hirezaki’s pictures of Japanese women are unique.