My 2022 Top Ten TBR of Japanese Books

My reading schedule for 2022 looks like this. It is a mix of contemporary fiction, classics, and some crime fiction by Japanese authors. (Japanese names are written in Japanese order, where the family name comes first then the personal name.)

  1. Lonely Castle in the Mirror by Tsujimura Mizuki
  2. Heaven by Kawakami Mieko
  3. There’s No Such Thing as an Easy Job by Tsumura Kikuko
  4. Inheritance from Mother by Mizumura Minae
  5. The Name of the Game is a Kidnapping by Higashino Keigo
  6. Quiet Life by Ôe Kenzaburô
  7. The Tokyo Zodiac Murders by Shimada Sôji
  8. A Man, A Cat and two Women by Tanikzaki Jun’ichirô
  9. Sweat Bean Paste by Sukegawa Durian
  10. To the Spring Equinox and Beyond by Natsume Sôseki
  11. The Factory by Oyamada Hiroko
  12. People from My Neighbourhood by Kawakami Hiromi

Additionally, there are some titles to re-read:

  1. Hotel Iris by Ôgawa Yoko
  2. The Sound of Waves by Mishima Yukio
  3. The Temple of the Golden Pavilion by Mishima Yukio
  4. The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Murakami Haruki
  5. 1Q84 by Murakami Haruki

There should also be time for new books in 2022. In my experience a reading schedule is a good guidance but it must not be restrictive.

2 thoughts on “My 2022 Top Ten TBR of Japanese Books

  1. Looks like a great list! I mean to read more Japanese literature in 2022. In 2020 I read quite a lot, but 2020 was thin on international literature in general. Hotel Iris might be one of the books, I’ll pick up.


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