Art on Tuesday: Shower at Ume Bridge


Sadanobu1Hasegawa Sadanobu I 長谷川貞信 (1809-1879) painted a picture of the Ume Bridge (Plum Bridge) in Ôsaka. It is a charming scene of a summer day and all of a sudden there is rain pouring down (北新地梅之橋白雨). Funny how Sadanobu draw various people hiding under their umbrellas rushing into different directions seeking shelter. Only the boatman in the center of the picture is calmly rowing his boat further on. It is a view of a typical Japanese town. The scene becomes lively through the moving people and the use of fresh colors. Using shades of blue for the stone walls and the river, contrasting color of pink for partly wooden fronts as well as for the people and parts of the umbrellas. The rain is visualized by simple strokes. 梅雨 (tsuyu) literally means “plum rain” and is used for the rainy season in Japan. Sadanobu makes use of this expression in this picture.

You find more detailed information about this woodblock print at the website of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.


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