Art on Tuesday: Seaweed Gathering


This ukiyo-e is named The Seaweed-gathering Ritual at Nagato. It is part of the series Famous Places in the Provinces by Hokkei Totoya 北渓魚屋 (1780–1850) made in 1834/35. It must have been a very dangerous adventure. Big wave are rolling over two seaweed-gatherers and they have to run for their lives. The left man holds a stick with brown seaweed on top, whereas the right person has some green seaweed in his hand. A little hill of green seaweed is lying in the left corner of picture, on the ground of the ocean. The waves remind me of the famous ukiyo-e of Hokusai named The Great Wave of Kanagawa. And this is no surprise, because Hokkei was one of Hokusai’s students, who was a fishmonger before he became an artist.

5 thoughts on “Art on Tuesday: Seaweed Gathering

  1. Bonjour

    Finally after one week, I wrote a haiku inspired by this beautiful ukiyo-e print.

    Sea foam
    at the corner of the lips
    closer to heaven

    merci, danke, ありがとう for your interesting blog.

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