Art on Tuesday: Geisha by Brazier


Takahashi Shotei 高橋 松亭 (1871-1945) painted this ukiyo-e in 1925. You see a geisha with a brazier. The painting is showing extraordinary details. Look at the pattern of the kimono, obi and even at the hair. The face in contrast is plain white, because of the mask-like makeup, but she is not expressionless. She is pushing two sticks into a brazier. They look like incense sticks. Takahashi Shotei is a Japanese artist with a wide range of themes. If you like this painting, look for more works at wikiart.

2 thoughts on “Art on Tuesday: Geisha by Brazier

  1. The detail on this and some of his other prints are amazing! The landscapes of Mt. Fuji, in particular, are breathtaking. He created lovely, more ‘modern’ adaptations of the traditional style, didn’t he?

    Thank you, once again, for showing us the work of these masters.

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