Art on Tuesday: Bluebird and Magnolia


Ohara Koson 小原 古邨 (1877-1945) is known for his paintings of nature, mainly birds and flowers. This is a woodblock print of a lovely bluebird sitting on a branch of a magnolia tree in full bloom. I like the way he painted both the flower and the bird. The picture has an atmosphere of spring and gives hope for a prospering future. The Japanese word for magnolia is honoki  朴の木 . It symbolizes the love of nature. It is also a medicinal plant and therefore stands for health and healing.

14 thoughts on “Art on Tuesday: Bluebird and Magnolia

  1. This feels so much more bold than most bird and flower paintings I’ve seen (and that’s one of my favorite themes!). The stark contrast between the magnolia and the darkest part of the background really makes it pop, as does the lack of shading on parts like the leaves.


  2. A beautiful painting.
    And so well timed as I actually passed a Magnolia tree this morning. It was still in bud but did remind me that Spring is coming. As it was raining when I saw it, that thought of approaching Spring made me mind the rain less…Very fitting with your description.


  3. Thank you for introducing another painter whose work I have not seen before. I will look him up to see more of his work.

    The magnolias are starting to bloom here in California where I live. These, plums, and other blooming trees along with the longer days remind me that spring is here already. It is lovely just to be outdoors to see these signs of a new season coming.


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