Art on Tuesday: Storm


Today’s post shows another painting of Utagawa Kuniyoshi 歌川 国芳 (1798-1861). A woman is struggling with a cold storm. Holding her hat. Her kimono with interesting blue and grey round emblems is bloated by the strong wind. Snow has fallen on the ground and it is obviously very hard to walk. The woman is accompanied by three birds, they look like sea-gulls.

7 thoughts on “Art on Tuesday: Storm

  1. It’s wonderful how he can create a sense of the wind in the way the man is leaning and holding his hat. And the billowing kimono adds to that effect, too.

    I do not read Japanese well enough to be able to decipher the poetry in the upper right hand corner of the print. Can you provide us with a translation or a summary of it? Thank you.


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