Art on Tuesday: Looking Delighted


This is an ukiyo-e by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi  月岡 芳年 (1839- 1892) of 1888. It is called: Looking Delighted from the Series: 32 Aspects of Women. The Japanese woman wears a light violet kimono. Her right sleeve is floating in the air as being caught in the moment of moving around. She is holding a fan in her mouth, because she has caught a firefly with her hands. Therefore she is delighted. Three other fireflies are to be seen in the sky.

4 thoughts on “Art on Tuesday: Looking Delighted

  1. My Japanese wife has wonderful memories of catching fireflies while she was growing up in a small northern town on Honshu. We did it in Kansas with our 5 year old granddaughter two’s summers ago. She was very excited and impressed that her Bah-chan could do it so easily!


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