Art on Tuesday: Chrysanthemum Festival


This ukiyo-e made by Tukioka Yoshitoshi 月岡 芳年 (1839-1892) is showing a geisha at the chrysanthemum festival. It is extremely colorful with its huge flowers. The dressing of the woman is a kimono with maple flowers on it and a decorated shawl neck in red and blue. She holds her dress with her right hand. The picture was painted in 1888. The artist is well-known in Japan for a wide range of different themes. One of his best known series is One Hundred Aspects of the Moon (1885–1892).

4 thoughts on “Art on Tuesday: Chrysanthemum Festival

  1. What gorgeous colors! I saw his series on the moon at a gallery many years ago. It is wonderfully done. If/when there is an opportunity to see it, I would encourage people to do so.

  2. It’s the blues again. The color blue in these pieces is just amazing. All of the colors are wonderful but the blues just pull me in. Another gorgeous work.

  3. Hello! It’s a beautiful picture indeed, and I love Yoshitoshi, so thank you for posting this. Just a small thing though, the lady here is not a geisha but a courtesan from Yawata House in the red-light district of Nezu.

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