Art on Tuesday: Chrysanthemum Festival


This ukiyo-e made by Tukioka Yoshitoshi 月岡 芳年 (1839-1892) is showing a geisha at the chrysanthemum festival. It is extremely colorful with its huge flowers. The dressing of the woman is a kimono with maple flowers on it and a decorated shawl neck in red and blue. She holds her dress with her right hand. The picture was painted in 1888. The artist is well-known in Japan for a wide range of different themes. One of his best known series is One Hundred Aspects of the Moon (1885–1892).

4 thoughts on “Art on Tuesday: Chrysanthemum Festival

  1. What gorgeous colors! I saw his series on the moon at a gallery many years ago. It is wonderfully done. If/when there is an opportunity to see it, I would encourage people to do so.


  2. Hello! It’s a beautiful picture indeed, and I love Yoshitoshi, so thank you for posting this. Just a small thing though, the lady here is not a geisha but a courtesan from Yawata House in the red-light district of Nezu.


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