Hear the music of 1Q84 Book I

To begin with It’s only a Paper Moon is the overall theme of 1Q84. The book I am  currently reading for the third time.

Murakami Haruki is referring to music in his stories very often, which makes them all the more fun to read. So I wanted to hear the song he is mentioning in the novel and this is what I have found. There are many versions of the Paper Moon song, but these are the best on YouTube in my opinion. It’s a good way to start with to get in the mood of reading the 1ooo pages of this multi-faceted novel. The first version is not only instrumental, but the singing starts about a minute from the beginning. The pictures are so cute. The Japanese singer Saori Yuki 由紀さおり is singing the other version.

The first chapter of 1Q84 begins with the introduction of Aomame, the female main character of the book. She is sitting in a taxi stuck in a traffic jam on a highway in Tokyo on her way to an important date.

The radio plays Sinfonietta by Leoš Janáček of 1926. You should hear this and read the first chapter. It is a perfect, grandiose background music of the appearance of this strong woman.

More about the book itself, when I have finished reading the book One, which can probably last a while. Meanwhile I am enjoying the music! I hope you too.