Art on Tuesday: Tempel Visit


Itô Shoha’s View of a Temple Visit (kyû môde zu 宮詣で図). An elegant Japanese woman on her way to a temple visit. She is wearing a brown kimono  covered by a blue-white cloth. Her hands are holding it together. As she is walking down the aisle of the temple her left foot is lifted in front of her.  A cherry or a plum tree and a Japanese lantern are in the background.

3 thoughts on “Art on Tuesday: Tempel Visit

  1. Thank you for a lovely portrait by an artist I had not known before. I looked up Ito Shoha and found a few of his works. His attention to his subject’s faces and posture is very good.

    There is also an artist named Ito Shinsui. Are they different people?


    • Itô Shoha was a female Japanese artist and Itô Shinsui is a different ukiyo e painter who was living at the same time. Both were specialized in painting beautiful women (bijin-ga), there are some similarities in their pictures, but they have a different style.


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