Art on Tuesday: High Bridge by Night


Kobayashi Eijirô (1870-1946) painted this ukiyo-e, titled High Bridge by Night. It is one picture of the series Night Scenes, published by the Hasegawa/Nishinomiya in Tokyo around 1900. This collection is very famous and includes 21 fine pictures.

8 thoughts on “Art on Tuesday: High Bridge by Night

  1. How interesting to see a Japanese artist drawing inspiration from Whistler. We’re so used to seeing the inspiration of Ukiyo-e prints going the way so it’s nice to know that it was a two-way process.


  2. A lovely print and series, thanks! I recently saw an exhibition in Washington DC about Whistler being strongly influenced by Japanese art…uikyo-e in particular. Which way did the influence go?


      • If you look at the website for the Freer/Sackler galleries of the Smithsonian Museums, you will see some info about their exhibition on Whistler. There are also links to books, etc on his work and the contact he had with Japanese and Chinese art. Apparently, like Van Gogh and other impressionists he was impressed with and influenced by ukiyo-e and other forms of Japanese art.


      • It looks to me like the Ukiyo-e influence on Whistler was followed up by this Japanese artist’s being inspired by him. Whistler had already produced his paintings of Battersea Bridge when Eijiro would have been a baby. I love the idea of inspiration going back and forth between the two countries.


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