Art on Tuesday: Snow ukiyo-e

snow_part1_white2It is time for some winter impressions, as I have found some amazing snow pictures. Here are two ukiyo- e in similar style from two Japanese artists. Keisai Eisen  (渓斎 英泉, 1790 – 1848) painted the left picture, which  shows a woman in a beautiful kimono wearing an umbrella, making her way through heavy snow. Her dress is in light colors; one would rather guess, she is wearing a summer kimono, but she had put on multiple layers. The two beauties on the left are chatting, the wind blows slightly, they share one umbrella. It seems they are going to a festivity, because they are wearing beautiful  decorated kimonos. All of them walk on high wooden shoes. The right picture was made by Katsukawa Shunko 勝川春扇  1762-1830) and is called Snow (1810).

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