Art on Tuesday: Murasaki Shikibu


Murasaki Shikibu 紫 式部 is the author of the Genji monogatari 源氏物語. The first world’s novel and the most famous literary artwork of all time, an outstanding Japanese classic about life at the Heian court (794-1185), she writes psychologically deeply observed stories, witty observations, erotic tales, intertwining it with poetry and  it is a joy of a read, even today.

She has written it as a well-educated court women stemming from the Fujiwara family, who lived approximately from 978 to 1014 or 1025. One does not know the exact date of her death. She was a very unconventional woman: a lady-in-waiting,  a writer and poet and apart from The Tale of Genji, which she has written in the years from 1000 to 1012, she has worked on The Diary of Lady Murasaki 紫式部日記  and Poetic Memoirs.

This picture was made by Tosa Mitsuoki 土佐 光起  (1617-1691) in the late 17th century.

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  1. Oh, I can remember reading Murasaki, but a very long time ago.
    This beautiful picture and your post reminds me I should take it off the bookshelf again for a reread. Thanks for sharing!

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