Art on Tuesday: Concert



These woodblock prints are painted by Gakutei Yashima 岳亭 八島 (1786 ? – 1868) approximately around 1827.

On the left side you see “A woman playing a large suspended drum (tsuridaiko)”, on the right side there is a “Girl with a Flute”. Both pictures show a female playing music. They are sitting in a garden on a red blanket spread with white blossom leaves. The women wear richly decorated elegant kimonos with various patterns. The obi in red and gold is showing a crest. The drum is also embellished. A shield in the background shows blue and white flower motifs. The heads, faces of both females and the hands of the right person are visible, their large kimonos and stiff obis define and hold their bodies. They are performing ancient imperial court music, 雅楽 gagaku.