Art on Tuesday: The Waterfall of Ôji


This picture was made in 1890 by Toyohara Chikanobu or known as Yôshû Chikanobu 楊洲周延 (1838–1912), a famous painter of the Meiji-period.

On the first glance it shows a beautiful woman. She is dressing herself with an obi. If your eyes follow the flow of the silk down to the floor, you see a funny cat playing with the cloth. In the back is a round window, showing a traditional shrine in the woods and again, there is a funny scene. Look at the men bathing in the water and one man of the group is making his fun bathing under a waterfall. This is an example of a humorous woodblock-print, the bathing scene is nearly manga-like and a typical meisho-e 名所絵, a scenic picture.