The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Japanese

Today I learned about the lovely project of Dean Wright and Emma Wilson. I want to share their press information about their journey and film project in Japan with you. I wish both a pleasant journey and hope many people will support them.

Hitchhiking Documentary Offers Insight Into Rural Japanese Life.

“The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Japanese”, a feature length hitchhiking documentary and insight into the people of Japan seeks backing to bring the film to you.

Searching for a fresh perspective on Japanese culture, filmmakers Dean Wright and Emma Wilson will be hitchhiking over 1700 miles from the north to the south of Japan to document hidden gems and interesting characters found away from the glittering lights of Tokyo. Hitting the road this August, they target to deliver the full film in December. Backers on The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Japan kickstarter page can pledge to receive copies of the full film along with bonus footage, photography and a host of other exclusive rewards.

The ambitious journey will begin at the northern most point of Hokkaido and down through Japan’s four main islands to the southern tip of Kyushu. Undertaken solely by hitchhiking, the duo are relying on the famous Japanese generosity to guide them to document the lesser seen areas of Japans cultural heart, off the beaten track and away from typical tourist sights. Interviewing their drivers along the way, the film will offer a unique and personal perspective on the varying lives of ordinary Japanese people.

In an interview Dean said “We really want to show the world there is more to Japan than just Tokyo and kickstarter is the best way to get the viewers involved from the very beginning of the journey”. You can even have your say on the production of the final documentary by leaving feedback on an early edit before the film is locked down. If you want to see the final documentary then head over to their kickstarter page and pledge on the tier that interests you most. If they do not make the full target before 19th August then you won’t be charged, but the film will only be made if they reach their funding goal. so spread the word to help bring this project to life.

For more information and in order to support Dean and Emma with their lovely project please visit their website


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