Dolls Festival Hina-matsuri 雛祭り

On March 3rd it is Dolls Festival in Japan. This day is dedicated to all Japanese girls in order to praise their health and wish them good luck. It is a very traditional festival. Its roots go back to the 17th century.
Girls even nowadays display a set of their dolls on a five or seven-tiered stand, a kind of little staircase with a red carpet. These dolls represent figures of the ancient court such as the Emperor and the Empress on the highest level and further down court ladies and musicians.

On this day special candies and rice balls are eaten.

In this video you can see many different dolls and how they are presented today.

To learn more about the festival, there are many sources in the Internet. Here are two articles with further details:;jsessionid=2F682FA9E704B06912681366E52CDFE2?method=preview&lang=EN&id=13076

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