Sakura 桜 the Cherry Blossom – Symbol of Japan

“Sakura, Sakura – cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms. As far as the eye can see in the spring sky, like mist, like clouds, release their fragrance”, is a famous traditional song of Japan – everyone knows.

The cherry blossom has been praised since ancient times in early literature as in the Man’yoshu 万葉集 (Collection of 10.000 Leaves) and the Kokinshu 古今集 (Collection of Ancient and Modern Poetry).

Cherry trees appear all over the country. Mostly seen is the species which looks like a little rose. Its beauty lasts only for one week. Then the leaves scatter all-over like blossom snow. Therefore it is a symbol of the transience of all being. It represents joy and melancholy which is an integral part of the Japanese culture.

Still today the Japanese cannot await to spot a cherry in blossom in early spring. This year the cherry was seen in Okinawa in early February. On the main peninsula Honshu it can be seen from March to early April.

The song Sakura, Sakura is sad, but true-hearted. Old-fashioned, but moving. Only for a short break and then go on.

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